Fabric is our focus


Dingy fabric isn't only ugly, it's dangerous. Fabric is everywhere in an office ... fabric panels, chairs, sofas, carpets, etc. When fabric is worn out and dirty, it loses its color and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Untreated fabric around the office is not only unsightly, it can cause serious health problems for your staff. With a cleaning from Regal, the fabric in your office will be clean and healthy and will re-energize your office environment! 

certified, professional cleaning techNicians

We have a cleaning staff that you can trust at Regal Cleaning Systems. All of our technicians are IICRC certified cleaning and restoration experts.

We require our staff to maintain their certification by staying current on the latest industry trends, techniques, and cleaning solutions so we always provide the best commercial fabric and upholstery cleaning services in the NY metro area. Because of our commitment to a highly trained staff, our customers always receive accurate assessments of office cleaning needs and enjoy world class customer service from Regal.

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